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Electro-Mechanical Repair and Service

Sales and Service of Electro-Mechanical Devices:

[AC / DC Motors, Transformers, AC / DC Drives, and Machine Work]


In-Shop and On-Site Services Availability 24 hrs / day.  Services Include:

  • Qualified electrical and mechanical technicians

  • Complete Spectrum Vibration Analysis

  • Laser alignment and machine work

  • PdMA testing, commutator profiling

  • Repair and rewind of electrical motors [fractional through 100,000HP] AC / DC units

  • Repair and rewind of specialty, dry-type transformers [copper and aluminum]

  • Metal spray and machining of worn bearing housings, shaft areas [seal seats, bearing journals, worn interference fits]

  • Submersible pump rebuilding, welder repair and testing press work, gearbox repair, fabrication and modification of existing frames and shafts

  • Centrifugal blower and exhauster rebuilding and repair


Electric Motor Repair:

The primary element of an electric motor is the electrical system and the heart of the unit are its coils.  They provide the spark that puts life into the motor and generates the power to drive the mechanical parts. 


Hannon Electric, which has been repairing, rebuilding, and re-manufacturing electric motors for more than 94 years, has developed a sophisticated in-house coil department that gives special attention to the motor's most viable component. 

Experienced personnel rebuild AC coils up to 13.8 kV and all DC coils.  Hannon Electric also has the capacity to design and re-manufacture coils when required. 

Having an on-site facility allows Hannon to monitor every stage of coil production to insure the quality of the final product, save time and be cost-efficient.  Rebuilding a coil is a step-by-step process, requiring constant auditing and periodic testing of materials.  

With an AC coil, one of the major concerns is voltage.  Copper conductors are wrapped, consolidated, taped, dipped in varnish and carefully oven cured.  Throughout the process, only the most advanced insulating materials are used.  

In a DC coil, the critical factors are heat, mechanical strength, toughness and durability.  Here, Hannon incorporates an innovative insulation procedure, encapsulating and bonding the coil to insure mechanical strength, fit, electrical integrity and proper heat transfer.  And, once again, only new materials of the highest grade are used.  

With Hannon's complete control of coil production, you can be sure your electric motor returns to you with new life.  To put your motors in the hands of a specialist, contact the Hannon office nearest you.  

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